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"This school is awesome. You can learn and work at your own pace. The teachers are very helpful and understanding."

-James A., Current Student


"I'd say this is a great school and a great opportunity to get a diploma. I am 21 years old and have been given a second chance to graduate and move on in life."

Josh N., Current Student


"This school has done and gone to far extents to make sure I graduate. The teachers work WITH you."

-Shelby B., Current Student


"The one-on-one teaching helps me understand difficult topics."

Nate C., Current Student


"The teachers are AWESOME!"

-Ashton A., Current Student


"Good teachers, nice classmates, and an awesome school!"

Kylie G, Current Student


"Canton Harbor High School helped me be the most outstanding, focused, and determined person."

-Shayna N., Current Student


"As long as your eyes and ears are open, teachers at Canton Harbor are there to give you the right life answers."

Dynausty P., Graduate