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About Us

Our Mission:
Canton Harbor High School's mission is to advance under-served youth through education, job training, personal development, leadership development and community Service.

Our Vision:

Through rigorous academics, community partnerships, and a safe learning environment students will leave Canton Harbor High School as college ready, career ready, and productive members of society.



    Each student comes with a different story

    Fostering an environment of understanding and respect


    Each student is unique and must be provided with opportunities to meet their needs

    Providing additional support for life beyond the classroom


    Challenging our students to grow academically and personally

    Preparing students to be confident in taking the next step in life


How the Program Works:

  • State standards (skills required by the state) are broken down into competencies (topics) for each subject.

  • Focuses on the common core requirements: Math (4 credits) , Social Studies (3 credits), Language Arts (4 credits), Science (3 Credits) and CBI. The same skills and curriculum are being taught, just in a shorter time frame!

  • You can enter with zero credits and earn all graduation requirements within 3 years! (This is based upon good attendance and hard work). However, we do accept credits earned from previous schools so your work will not go unaccounted for!

  • In some classes, each half of a year (semester) is equal to 1 full credit at other schools. This varies depending on subject.

  • Your Graduation Plans will list the competency/skill required for each class and your progress towards completing them. Completion of all the competencies equals graduation!

  • Canton Harbor High School  is a proud participant in the Child Find Program which helps identify, locate, and provide special services for students who may be in need.

We specialize in working with under privileged students to give them the chance that they need to achieve a successful future! Schedule an enrollment appointment today!

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