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Graduation Requirements

The Pathway to Your Starting Line Begins here!

First: Complete the Core

Earn a minimum of 20 credits in Ohio's Core Curriculum

  • English/ Language Arts- 4 Credits

  • Math- 4 Credits

  • Science- 3 Credits

  • Social Studies- 3 Credits

  • Health- 1/2 Credit

  • Physical Education- 1/2 Credit

  • Electives- 5 Credits

*Students will also receive instruction in Economics and Financial Literacy

*Students must also complete at least two (2) semesters of Fine Arts

Second: Show Competency

Earn a Passing Score on Ohio's Algebra I and English II End-of-Course (EOC) Exams. Students not passing on the first attempt will be provided additional support and a chance to retake at least once.


* Proficient Score vs. Competency Score- A score of 700+ is considered proficient. A score of 684-699 is considered competent and is "passing" according to the 2023 Ohio Graduation Requirements. 

Testing Not Your Strength? Ohio has options!


Option 1: Demonstrate Two Career-Focused Activities

  • Proficient scores on WebXams

  • Earn 12-Point Industry Credential

  • Participate in a Pre-Apprenticeship or Acceptance into an Approved Apprenticeship Program

Option 2: Enlist in the Military​

  • Show Evidence You Have Signed a Contract to Enter a Branch of the U.S. Armed Services Upon Graduation

Option 3: Complete College Coursework

  • Earn Credit for One College-Level Math and/or College-Level English Course through Ohio's Free College Credit Plus Program

Third: Show Readiness

Earn Two (2) of the Following Diploma Seals. At Least One (1) Must Be "Ohio-Designed"

  • OhioMeansJobs Readiness Seal (Ohio)

  • Industry-Recognized Credential Seal (Ohio)

  • College-Ready Seal (Ohio)

  • Military Enlistment Seal (Ohio)

  • Citizenship Seal (Ohio)

  • Science Seal (Ohio)

  • Honors Diploma Seal (Ohio)

  • Seal of Biliteracy (Ohio)

  • Technology Seal (Ohio)

  • Community Service Seal (Local)

  • Fine and Performing Arts Seal (Local)

  • Student Engagement Seal (Local)